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In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For teachers book, Life brochure of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles Cooperation Teaching Principles Principles educational children's rights co Consulting teaching techniques class organization class life payable to order online in January 2002 from the history of children's communities and experience of children's councils in Nantes schools: – What withhold principles and practices to implement the right to participation in 'school ?

In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For teachers book, Life brochure of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> Cooperation Teaching Principles> Principles educational children’s rights> co> Consulting teaching techniques> class organization> class life payable to order online in January 2002 from the history of children’s communities and experience of children’s councils in Nantes schools: – What withhold principles and practices to implement the right to participation in ‘school ? – What about the organization of collective managements of institutions in the Freinet schools? Jean LE GAL To purchase online (digital version) editions-icemicem-freinet.org (ICEM Editions)
1 result Results The bear and the child by the school Fons 22/10/09 – 9:52 In Creation, Expression French> French reading-writing The Bear and the child he once was, a bear a cave.

He heard a funny noise; He came out of his cave, saw a child crying. Adrien 2009-2010 6 comments
1 to 10 from 74 Results The cuckoo spit For the School Blain 09/11/09 – 24:20 In: Exploration, visit Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth
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Impediments to learn seen by students personal blog of Daniel Gostain the 01/06/14 – 24:08 For a few weeks I had the chance, through a student aid organization, to conduct discussions with some children 8 to 12 years around situations that could create impediments.

As you will hear, children’s thoughts are full of life, emotions and depth. And once again, they attest to the need not to put these impediments to learn next. More Metamorphosis Custom Blog F. Daniel Gostain on 10/05/14 – 4:04 p.m. The pleasure today is actually the pleasure of a year that attend the actual insane metamorphosis a child in my class, F. 1 comment the class-Enjoyment Blog perso Daniel Gostain on 02/04/14 – 9:34 p.m.

Hello, Deborah Martin-Gentes, cycle 1, Nicolas Janod, the cycle 3, and I cycle 2, we are pleased to announce the launch of our blog devoted to “champagne moments” class, lived under a different pedagogy, giving the time of the space and life to learning. More Explaining http://www.homeworkmarket.me/
the Freinet (my way) Blog perso Daniel Gostain the 25/11/12 – 11:59 This year, I did the madness of trying to pass the master trainer contest (j ‘ shortly explain the choice of the word “madness”).

First test: a half hour class, followed by a tight maintenance thirty minutes with five members of the institution (inspectors, school principal application, Iufm teacher, teacher-trainer). 2 comments Going into Freinet Blog perso Daniel Gostain the 02/09/12 – 11:04 In these times of return where it is recovering in a dynamic – if possible positive – class, many colleagues come to us consult the Freinet movement for how to engage in various practices without losing your mind.

I suggest a few entries that do not will disrupt your classroom but that will give it a new color and you will then want to go even further: 1 comment Zero (clownish scenes) Blog perso Daniel Gostain the 24.06 / 12 – 19:00 this is our latest series of clownish sparks-scenes for this school year. Feel free to view with your students. The Punctuation (clownish scenes) Blog perso Daniel Gostain on 24/06/12 – 6:59 p.m.

And now our third harvest of our research of “sparks-scenes” clown with Pepito, and Schlemil And Paf punctuating any -go. As for the phrase and geometry, each sketch is accompanied by educational openings to explore in class or at home. More Geometry (clownish scenes) Blog of Daniel Gostain the personal 24/06/12 – 6:58 p.m.

This is our second harvest of small clown scenes “And Paf”, “Pepito” and “Schlemil” (my clown) is taking, among others, to concepts such as Square, the Right or the Triangle. As for the phrase, each sketch is accompanied by educational openings to explore in class or at home. The phrase (clownish scenes) Blog perso Daniel Gostain on 24/06/12 – 6:55 p.m.

I present a different approach to academic concepts through the eyes of clowns. The clowns put themselves in the skin of characters, concepts and offer us their feelings, their emotions, their desire.

1 comment The work of adults and one child (CP Brainstorming Workshop) Blog perso Daniel Gostain the 17/05/12 – 10:18 After the 1st of May, I launched a series of three reflection workshops in my PC around the issue of labor of adults and children (unfortunately I accidentally deleted one of three records) .I found listening and thinking of children becoming deeper, especially on the second question. You decide …

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School and orphans blog Catherine Chabrun the personal 13/01/17 – 24:56 Invited to the press conference to publish the results of national survey “School and orphans understanding to better support” demanded by the corporate foundation OCIRP * FIFG, I went to the EESC (economic social and environmental Council) on 12 January 2017. this is the first time anyone is interested in this particular destiny if facing a large number of children, adolescents and young adults and of course all adult orphans since childhood. 1 comment Education, a cooperative project of all adults Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 04/22/16 – 9:08 My speech to the hope of Blois for the National CAPE, 23 March 2016.

In 1 attachment Complementarity file or not … Blog Catherine personal Chabrun the 06/03/16 – 10:32 I was invited to participate in a moment of exchange with activists Scouts and Girl Scouts of France. To introduce the debate, I was asked to express a personal view in two stages: the complementarity and educational continuity.

I grouped and given a little like what I had prepared … 1 attachment Edgar Morin file: a commitment to education Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 02/29/16 – 11:47 TO listen to the show “Street schools” run by Louise Tourret, February 28, 2016 the issue here is the interview with Edgar Morin is 12 min 30 sec 1 comment … I wish us Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 25/12/15 – 12:39 … for 2016 and beyond.

2 comments 1 attachment Adapting to climate change or to act against climate change ? Personal blog of Catherine the Chabrun 11/12/15 – 10:40 The Minister of Education spoke at the Paris December 4, 2015 during the day of Education of the COP21. Small personal reading of the speech from which I extract the elements that interpelee me.

The full speech 1 attachment Education, lever for the transition Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 09/12/15 – 8:53 During the debate-Conference December 4, 2015 at Paris, I was CAPE’s spokesman (Collective of associations School partners). Intervention 5 minutes …. it’s short. A few words of a previous post have naturally found their place!

Learn more in this November 20, 2015 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 20/11/15 – 8:34 There are 26 years the International Convention of Children’s Rights (CRC) took place alongside the major fundamental rights texts humans. There are 80, the Constituent Charter of the Popular Front of childhood carried by Freinet was born to a consideration of childhood by the company and thus by the Popular Front government.

Another day is possible personal blog of Catherine the Chabrun 11/17/15 – 24:13 After the shock, the horror of the attacks, sadness, tears invaded everyone. Can not think of anything else or even to think at all. Some days later, the images are still present, but the ads, attitudes, little quips of some political, collide, and grow indignant expression. So I throw these words.

3 comments Clartes night, 1 October 1939 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 10/23/15 – 2:46 p.m. Last edition of the proletarian who became Educator Educator Daladier just dissolve the Communist Party and the retaining “proletarian” in this anti-communist climate would be challenging … and the magazine must continue and the movement too. An emotional appeal Freinet to continue.

More ”
By Patrick Labarriere the 01/02/19 – 18:00 In: GD 22 – Cotes d’Armor region Grand West> GD 29 – Finistere Great West Region> GD 35 – Ille-et-Vilaine Great West Region> GD 44 – Great Western Region Loire-Atlantique> GD 49 – Maine-et-Loire GD 53 – Great West Region Mayenne> GD 56 – Morbihan GD 72 – Sarthe Great West Region> GD 85 – Vendee GD 86 -. Vienna Gr Congress Preparation of ICEM> Angers 2019 Meeting dates: 06/04/19 – 09:30 – 07/04/19 – 16:00 Location: Angers The location will be specified later. The agenda will be specified later.

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